PCBEST CUP on line for CLUBS

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PCBEST CUP on line for CLUBS

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PCBEST CUP on line
− Tournament for teams
− A team can enter any number of players, but a single match is played in a 4-person squad.
− Condition for players with rating 2100+. Only those who have played in a team tournament
for this club in the last 3 years can play for the team.
− A club can put up more teams but one player in the tournament can only play for one of
− Draughtsboards settings in the match in order of FMJD ranking
− Entry to the tournament must include a list of players (with their FMJD ID) and the
nicknames they use on lidraughts.org.
− The tournament pages will show both the names of the players and their "nicknames".
− Players play their own games by inviting themselves to lidraughts.org at the time when the
round is scheduled
− Game speed 15'+3"
− Detailed system and schedule after the teams are completed. However, the organizer's
objectives are as follows:
o We play a team tournament in a circular system, maximum 1-2 rounds per week
(20:00, 21:00 Polish time) – Thursdays and Saturdays starting from May 2nd 2020.
o The final stage, will be the cup phase with 4/8/16 teams (depending on attendance)
− The tournament is a collegial one and this is required from participants. The organizer
reserves the right to exclude a player (as a consequence - his team) from the tournament, if
the algorithms of the lidraughts.org server or the grandmasters cooperating with the
organizer, find an unnaturally high level of play, which is indicative of a non-independent
game. The organizer's decision is final.
− For the best – book prizes.
− Are You interested in? Send your application to me before April 26th. jacek@4draughts.com
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